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DIY Distressed Dresser

DIY Distressed Dresser

Hey guys! For those of you looking to restore/repaint an old dresser, here is a quick DIY distressed example of what you could possibly create with you own piece of furniture. I used very few products and it only took about 4 hours total to do (that includes waiting for 2 coats of paint to dry!). 

I got pretty lucky with this dresser. My friend Karina and I went to a popular flea Market in Lynn, Massachusetts and scored this pine dresser for just $25!! Can you believe that! I know Mind boggling. The dresser was originally painted white so I wanted to paint it a different color due to the fact that I knew I wanted this dresser to be distressed in some areas.

Products used:                            

  • Americana Chalk Paint in Light Blue
  • Annie Sloan finishing wax
  • Any color spray paint of your choice.
  • White cloth ( 1 pack)
  • Green Frog Tape
  • 1 roll of white lace fabric
  •  A Fine hand sander
  • 1 Large and 1 small paint brush
  • 1 Foam roller brush and handle
  • Paint container


I used chalk paint because I mean who wouldn't. It's the best type of paint to use if you're looking for a matte finish. Note, when using chalk paint you DO NOT have to sand down your furniture. That's another reason why I wanted to use chalk paint. Less work. 

  1. Take all drawers out and leave for last.
  2. Use small brush to paint the corners  and edges of dresser first. 
  3. Use foam roller to paint larger areas ( Let dry).
  4. Paint second coat. Repeat steps 1-3.
  5. Place white lace in middle section of drawer(s) and tape edges you want to keep the same or paint a different color.
  6. While Holding the lace fabric in place spray paint it onto drawer. (If you want the actual lace to stick onto the drawer for some texture leave it on until it dries).
  7. After everything is dry take a fine hand sander and lightly sand away corners, edges and other areas you would like the original white paint to seep through. 
  8. As a final step , take a white cloth and rub clear finishing wax onto the dresser in a circular motion. This will protect your paint from peeling or turning yellow. 
Wah-lah you're done! 


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